In the fine print: Blankein Pay Jumps to $16.2 Million

PressĀ reports over the past a few weeks repeated that market-making banker Goldman Sachs had reduced the stock bonus of their CEO, as reported in CEO Payday two days ago. Consider this an immediate retraction. The previous reports were simply a smokescreen according to a Wall Street Journal analysis reported today basedĀ on Goldman Sachs SEC fiings.

The filings made yesterday, Friday, show that Lloyd Blankfein ended up getting an additional cash bonus of $3 million, taking some of the sting our of the stock bonus cut we reported. As we wrote then, Blankfein’s salary had tripled to $2 million. When all said and done, according to Brett Philbin and Liz Moyer, the Goldman Sachs chief executive earned $16.2 million in 2011.

Chief operating officer Gary Cohn is reported to be a close second, with earnings up 15% from the previous year to $15.8 million.

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