Convicted Tyco CEO Gets Work Release

Birthday bash on Sardinia for Kozlowski's wife.

The former chief executive of Tyco International, sentenced from 8.33 to 25 years for embezzlement, was approved for a work release program last month. The New York State prisoner, L. Dennis Kozlowski, had been convicted of financial crimes in 2005 due to his taking $81 million in “unauthorized bonuses.”

The audacity of Kozlowski’s theft captured the public’s imagination when it was reported at the time, for spending $6,000 of company funds for shower curtains. He also purchased art with $14.725 million in Tyco’s money.

An article on the Nasdaq website said the work release program was a routine state matter based on eligibility rules for non-violent inmates. “The program would see him released from Mid-State Correctional Facility and into a minimum security facility.”

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