Comcast CEO Pays $ Half- Million Fine

Dec. 16, 2011 – A Federal Trade Commission investigation uncovered what they felt was an inadvertent failure by the CEO of Comcast to report some sizeable stock purchases prior to pre-merger reporting rules.

It was bad legal advice, apparently, which got CEO Brian Roberts into this jam. Roberts agreed to pay a $500,000 fine, according to Anton Troianovski in the Wall Street Journal.

The Journal report went on to point out this is a common mistake. “Bill Gates paid an $800,000 penalty for similar violations while he was head of Microsoft Corp. John Malone of Liberty Media paid a $1.4 million fine in 2009.”

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1 comment for “Comcast CEO Pays $ Half- Million Fine

  1. April 9, 2012 at 4:10 am

    the Modem I was using was the wrong modem and wasn’t capable of the epdess I was paying for. Same exact thing happened with my sister a year ago and they refunded her 120.00. I have been paying for Blast Internet for at least 2 years and should get credited at least twice that much. Both of Comcast’s Technicians that came out said they should have realized I had the wrong modem when I was talking to them on the phone about connectivity Issue’s because they can see what equiptment I have, and that I should get refunded the 10.00 a month blast Internet fee when I ordered It. Well the Fraudulent Company only wanted to credit me 40.00 and I ended up getting kicked out of their office. I am looking Into dumping this trashy company that screws over It’s customers. Don’t be surprised If you see me and a few others holding signs outside there store on mcgloughlin blvd real soon. Please leave this post up David I have the Document from their own Techs that proves they are at fault. And how can they credit my sister 120.00 and offer me 40.00 when I should get alot more for paying for the service longer?

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